Standing seam metal roofing (SSMR) is the most convenient of any roof type for mounting PV modules, either crystalline or thin-film. The seams of SSMR are beam-like elements that not only add stiffness and flexural strength to the roof panels, but also provide expedient attachment points for a PV system. Joining PV modules to this roof type can be done with or without continuous mounting rails using aluminum S-5! seam clamps. These patented clamps anchor to the roof seam by pinching it within the clamp body with round point setscrews that are in no way invasive to the roof. The clamp body is machined with threaded holes to facilitate anchorage of PV modules or racking components to the clamp.

The SSMR industry has used this attachment technology for many years, and most SSMR manufacturers endorse and recommend this method when making attachments of various ancillaries to their roof systems. It is of prime concern to all parties - building owner, roof manufacturer, PV integrator and S-5! Attachment Solutions - that the integrity of the roof system is maintained and attendant warranties, if any are in place, are not jeopardized. The result is a PV-to-SSMR marriage that provides maintenance freedom for the expected service lives of both the PV system and the roof. When properly executed, these methods are not only dependable and expedient, but also cost effective - saving up to $1.00 per watt when compared to other roof types and mounting systems.

To achieve the perfect marriage between a PV system and the SSMR using S-5! clamps, follow the best practices described below.

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